Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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08/04/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – According to CNN, opposition leaders in Nigeria have threatened President Muhammadu Buhari with impeachment if he doesn’t improve the security situation in the country within six weeks. It is just ten months before his second and final presidential term ends. First elected in 2015, Buhari has come up short in his efforts to help secure the weary nation. In 2021, kidnappings in Nigeria skyrocketed, with at least 3,167 people being abducted 2021, up from at least 1,240 in 2020.

One of these instances more recently includes an estimated 36 Christians who were kidnapped in Kaduna state on Monday, July 25th, after a Pastor’s two sons were killed and his daughter kidnapped earlier in July.

Nigeria continues this kidnapping crisis due to a divided country between northern Muslims and southern Christians, a culture of corruption among many politicians, and an arbitrary border that lumps many very divided people groups into one nation.

Please pray for the peace of Nigeria and that God would help the people of Nigeria elect a president next year who will work to end the corruption and bribery that fuel kidnappings. Please also pray for the people who have lost loved ones due to kidnappings and those recovering who have been rescued.

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