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08/03/2022 Qatar (International Christian Concern) – The latest report by Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) evaluated changes in Qatar textbooks after previously stating in 2020 that the curriculum did not promote religious freedom. The evaluation of 2021-2022 textbooks revealed a slow but positive change, though significant improvements are still needed to align with international standards.

The latest editions included progress mainly in the removal of anti-Semitic content along with the removal of some anti-Christian content. However, language against “infidels” and non-Muslims remains with students discouraged from befriending them, along with the promotion of violent interpretations of jihad.

Anti-Christian material that was removed, according to IMPACT-se’s report, primarily focused on Grade 12 textbooks. One statement, in particular, that was removed previously stated that Christianization was a major threat as a “political and colonial movement,”, especially in Africa. Additionally, an Arabic language exercise was removed that utilized a verse from the Quran describing extreme violence towards Jews and Christians.

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