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07/31/2022 Vietnam (International Christian Concern) – Hmong Christians in the Nghe An province of Vietnam suffer severe persecution.  

According to Morning Star News, officials in the province are trying to create “Christian-free zones” where they can operate “with no conscience or humanity,” as if the religious freedom violations were occurring in a country other than Vietnam, where such acts are not legal.  

Other forms of persecution come from within their own communities. Most Vietnamese follow traditional animist teachings, and many who convert to Christianity from the traditional faith face rejection and even persecution from their family members and communities.  

Additionally, Vietnamese authorities pressure animist relatives of Christian converts to drive Christians from their homes and exile them. The only hope these Christians have of rejoining their communities is if they renounce their new faith. 

These forms of persecution, which are especially brutal in the Nghe An province, have primarily affected members of the Vietnam Good News Mission Church (VNGNMC) and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam-North (ECVN-N). The churches have reported that since April, gangs have come to terrorize congregants in Hoi Tu and Na Ngoi villages.  

Leaders from both churches have appealed to government authorities for intervention and support, but all their attempts have been unsuccessful. The Vietnamese government has not responded to any of their pleas for assistance.  

Please pray for Christians who are suffering in Vietnam. 

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