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07/22/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – News of the Burmese military army (Tatmadaw) using anti-personnel landmines in Kayah, Myanmar, has surfaced.

A report released on July 20 by the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) condemned using such weapons as the practice is considered illegal internationally.

Since June last year, at least 20 civilians have been injured or killed by landmines. These landmines have reportedly been planted in Kayah State, where a sizable population of Christians resides.

According to AI, “The military has laid mines in at least 20 villages in Hpruso, Demoso, and Loikaw townships in Kayah State in recent months.”

Hpruso, a village in Kayah State, was home to St. Matthew’s Church until its destruction by military officials on June 15.. In mid-June, eight landmines were reportedly planted near the church.

The military makes its own destructive landmines which can typically blow off a victim’s foot or whole leg. The landmines not only threaten and disrupt the daily lives of civilians but also discourage displaced members from returning home to farm their land.

The country of Myanmar has been in a state of turmoil since February 2021, when the military staged a coup that overtook the government. Defense forces have stationed themselves in Kayah State where, in addition to landmines, artillery shelling and military air strikes bombard the region.

Please continue to pray for Christian Burmese citizens and their safety.

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