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07/07/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Ayman Ashraf is about to turn 13 and has grown up as a poor Christian in Egypt, where his whole community has faced total persecution for 1,400 years.

Ayman’s father is a day laborer and has diabetes. His father is living the life that was handed down to him, and Ayman desires to be a day laborer like his father.

The hidden part of their persecution is a terrible education from the State that is useless but purposeful. The parents know the State education is useless, so they pull their children out of school at 11 or 12 to work as day laborers, garbage pickers, and other menial work. This is a generational trap that keeps them in bondage.

Hope House breaks the cycle by providing quality after-school education. Ayman learns English, proper Arabic, and math to raise him above his station in life.

Ayman’s mother says, “Hope House is better than the [public] schooling; the kids gain more knowledge there.”

ICC’s Hope House will equip Ayman with an education that will allow him to have and pursue dreams beyond that of a day laborer.

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