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ICC Supports Convert in Egypt Facing Workplace Harassment

07/04/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In Egypt, Omar sought work in a nearby city to support his wife and five children. Although he found a job, his boss regularly cut Omar’s wages short. Surrounded primarily by Muslim coworkers, Omar avoided religious discussions to prevent tensions from growing.

One day, a coworker insulted Christianity in front of Omar, prompting him to voice his concerns to the supervisor. Unfortunately, this backfired when the supervisor ignored his complaint and the Muslim men began devising a plan to trap Omar.

The men arranged for a prostitute to arrive at Omar’s room, trying to catch him in sin. Omar quickly tried to kick her out, but the coworkers arrived soon after. They gave him two choices: convert to Islam or leave his work.

With no other option, Omar left his only source of income. In order to help the family stay afloat, ICC helped Omar start up his own small grocery shop. Through this business, he will be able to support his family once again without fear of harassment in the workplace.

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