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Chinese Government Trains “Auditors” to Monitor Online Religious Activity

07/02/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – As part of a wider effort to crack down on the spreading of religious information online, the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Guangdong Province has offered an exam to further the education of those in charge of monitoring online religious activity.  The Commission recently announced a list of those who passed the exam and will go onto become accredited auditors of the Internet Religious Information Service.

The first group of testers took the exam in Guangdong Province on June 8. A total of 127 people passed the test and will go on to work for the local government monitoring religious activity. 

ICC reported in March on the implementation of the ban on unauthorized online religious activity instated by the Chinese government. This ban increased scrutiny of online religious activity in a time where many Chinese churches stream their church services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This latest accreditation of over one hundred online religious activity “auditors” will only continue the crackdown of online religious content and put more Chinese Christians in danger.

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