Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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06/26/2022 Bangladesh (International Christian Concern) – Heavy rain and floods have ravaged communities in Bangladesh and parts of India over the last ten days, killing dozens and affecting millions. For many, the flooding has destroyed homes, businesses, and food access. To help those who have lost everything, Caritas India and Caritas Bangladesh, the social development wings of their respective national Catholic bishops conferences, have mobilized alongside partner organizations to supply shelter, food, water, medicine, and other essentials.

In Bangladesh, Caritas has already supplied hundreds of families with food, medicines, candles, and lighters. A Caritas regional director overseeing some of these efforts said, “I visited the flood-affected areas for two days and came back with tears in my eyes. I spoke to many victims. […] They are destitute and urgently need support.” The projects being implemented by Caritas accompany government programs, which have so far allocated 71,000 packages of dry food and roughly a million water purification tablets for victims.

The same heavy rainfall that caused flooding in Bangladesh has also affected multiple states in India. There Caritas has successfully reached over 3,500 people in the worst affected areas, prioritizing people with disabilities, children, single women, the elderly, and tribal and other backward communities. In India, Caritas has focused on food, water sanitation, medicine, and hygiene, in addition to shelter and other necessities. These Caritas projects complement the ongoing Indian government relief effort, which includes the establishment of relief camps.

While the governments of India and Bangladesh have increasingly mistreated and persecuted their Christian communities, these Christians continue to boldly work to help those in need. We pray that God would protect and provide for his Church in Bangladesh and India long into the future, enabling them to continue to be effective in their work to serve those in desperate circumstances.

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