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06/22/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – ICC has previously reported on the detainment and subsequent release of several Christians belonging to Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church. The Christians were detained on accusations of “crossing the border illegally”. They had attended a Christian conference in Malaysia several weeks earlier. Seven Christians from the church were originally detained in November 2021, with five having been released by the end of March of this year.

Unfortunately, however, two men who were pastors at the church are still in custody. Pastor An Yankui and his associate pastor Zhang Chenghao are still being held at Xiaoyi Detention Center. The two men have now been officially charged with illegally crossing the border and are awaiting sentencing.

The imprisoned pastors have not been permitted to see their wives or families since they were arrested. Zhang Chenghao and his wife, Guo Juan, had gotten married just one month before his arrest. Their wives were not even allowed to give them winter coats.

Guo Juan recently shared that her husband’s attorney was finally able to meet with him at the detention center after attempting multiple visits over the last several months. The attorney reported that Zhang Chenghao looked thinner but seemed well. Mr. Chenghao reportedly said that he felt peaceful in prison but was worried about his family and concerned that his parents would be attacked by rumors and slander.

Earlier this week, Guo Juan asked people to continue to pray for Pastor An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao. She said, May the Lord be glorified in the entire process and reveal His justice, the case will advance, and the attorney will be used by God to convey justice in the court. May the Lord lead Zhang Chenghao so that his heart can be steadfast in God’s grace and filled with peace and joy.” 

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