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06/15/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – In an effort to minimize religious influence over civilians, the Chinese Communist Party issued a statement to tighten its grip on major religions in China.

In its report entitled “National Religious Organizations Common Initiative on Cultivating Frugality and Abstaining from Extravagance,” the government argued that the greedy nature of religious groups such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism had eroded the “foundation of religious inheritance,” according to UCA News.

Christian groups sanctioned by the state, such as the Chinese Catholic Bishops’ Conference and China’s Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee, have already agreed to follow the government’s four key objectives outlined in the statement: practice frugality and thrift, environmental protection, strict adherence to regulations on religious affairs by religious groups and clergy, and to maintain Chinese characteristics, belief connotation and cultural forms of religious institutes and architecture.

Adhering to government regulation implies heavier restrictions on the religious activities of these groups, as seen recently by Christians attending underground church services online.

Although there is a heavy crackdown against religious groups in China, many Christians continue to worship and practice their faith in perseverance.

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