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06/10/2022 India (International Christian Concern) – The Christian mother of a one-month-old child was brutally attacked by radical Hindu nationalists in India last month. The incident occurred when a mob of nearly a dozen men broke into the house of the woman and her pastor husband. The mob intended to intimidate the family into closing the church where he had been running out of his home. When the mob discovered that the pastor was out shopping at the local market, they attacked his wife instead, beating her with wooden sticks. She sustained major head injuries and was knocked unconscious. When the violence finally ended, she was left badly bruised and required over a dozen stitches.

The pastor husband of the woman recently told International Christian Concern (ICC), “I couldn’t conduct worship for three Sundays, as I needed to be with my wife in the hospital.” The pastor has been receiving threats ever since he founded the small church over five years ago, but despite the recent attack and the persistent danger, he remains steadfast. “I cannot run away from here fearing the attacks, I committed my entire life, and I will continue to serve God in the same place.

The leaders of the criminal mob are known, but they are reportedly influential with the authorities, and so police have chosen not to file a First Information Report against them. While the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party is not currently in control of the state of Rajasthan, where the attack took place, attacks against Christians are increasing in number. Elections in the state are coming up, and the trend of increased violence against Christians portends nationalist rule. We pray for the recovery of the pastor’s wife and for the safety and security of the whole Christian community of India.

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