Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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06/09/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  International Christian Concern recently finished rebuilding a number of houses burnt by Fulani militants in Te’egbe Village. When the village was attacked by Fulani militants last November, over 100 houses were burnt, and 1,000 people were displaced. An ICC staffer was at the community when it was attacked and reported on the incident.

The ICC staffer was also at the donation ceremony where five families received the donation of rebuilt houses, handed over to them by partners of ICC in Nigeria. “No government officials assisted the villagers,” said Ezekiel Bini, the National President of the Irigwe Youth. He expressed appreciation for ICC’s work for his people and said that, without ICC, more of his people would be vulnerable. “The government is not willing to help us because we are Christians, and we always come out to voice the truth,” Bini added.

“We became hopeless,” said a pastor who lost five of his family members, including his sick and aged father. He narrated how the militant attacks made his family want to give up on life to the extent that his family members didn’t want to go to church again. Still, he said, ICC gave them hope and proved that Jesus is still alive.

The houses of two widows were among those rebuilt by ICC. “When my husband was killed, he left me with five children,” one of the widows said. “I don’t what to do.” Another widow expressed gratitude for ICC’s impact on the lives of her children. “Thank God for ICC. They rebuilt my house and paid the school fees for my children,” she said.

An evangelist from the village, who was displaced by Fulani militants from Jire village, Kaduna State in 2017, settled at Te’egbe. But Fulani militants again attacked him and burnt his house. He said that God saved his life and that he should not be alive now. God saved him for a reason, he said, and he pleaded with ICC to continue praying for them to unite the body of Christ in Nigeria.

An ICC staffer went around the village and saw how many of the villagers could not afford to rebuild after the attack. “They have no money to build,” the village head told ICC. He expressed appreciation for ICC’s help but said that the need is still great for those in his village seeking to rebuild after tragedy.

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