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06/06/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Benjamin grew up in a strict Muslim household with his parents in Uganda. One day, while visiting a friend, he attended a house church service and began to hear about Jesus. Weary of the repetitive prayers in a foreign language that was his routine in Islam, Benjamin was struck by the joy found at the church service through singing, dancing, and prayer.

As he learned more about Jesus, he embraced Christianity. However, his parents eventually discovered his newfound faith and were furious. Benjamin’s father beat his young son to the point where he lost consciousness. Even after that point, he continued stepping on his son’s head, affecting Benjamin’s eyesight.

Thankfully, Benjamin is now in the care of a local pastor who is providing him with a safe place to live. ICC covered the cost of Benjamin’s medical expenses to correct his eye deformity as well as the medicine he will need afterward. We also provided him with clothing, bedding, and food to alleviate some of the expenses on the shoulders of his host family.

By God’s grace, we pray that Benjamin will be healed from this injury and that he will see how the global church helped him during his time of need. While we can’t erase the painful memories of his abuse, it is our hope that we can assist him on his road to healing.

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