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11 Soldiers Killed by Jihadists in Burkina Faso 

05/20/2022 Burkina Faso ((International Christian Concern) – Jihadi militants attacked a military base in Burkina Faso on Thursday May 18, which killed 11 soldiers and injured approximately two dozen. The attack took place in the eastern Kompienga province.  

An internal security report obtained by the Associated Press reported that last week, during a 3-day period, 60 people were killed in attacks throughout Burkina Faso. The violence seen in the country is part of a broader trend of jihadism that has displaced 2.3 million people across West Africa’s Sahel region over the past several years.

In 2021, Burkina Faso experienced a record year of conflict and replaced Mali as the epicenter of Sahel terrorism. On June 4, 2021, the country underwent the bloodiest attack yet in its six-year struggle with jihadists, when Al-Qaeda affiliates killed over 135 civilians over the course of two nights. Seven months and several attacks later, soldiers staged a coup and announced a government run by a military junta.

Please continue to pray for Burkina Faso and for the end of Islamic extremism. Pray for those who engage in horrendous crimes against humanity, that they will experience the love of Jesus and be guided from darkness to light. Please also pray for the Lord to protect and strengthen the persecuted church, and to provide healing to all of those affected by violence.

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