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05/16/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Bello Yabo, an Islamic cleric in Northern Nigeria, has defended the brutal murder of Deborah Emmanuel, a 25-year-old Christian student fatally beaten and burned on May 12th. Deborah was falsely accused of blaspheming the prophet Muhammad because she refused a date from a Muslim boy.

In a video circling on social media, Yabo called for Muslims to continue to murder those accused of blaspheming the prophet.

Translated sections from the video read:

“A young person in Sokoto insulted Allah’s prophet yesterday.  In Sokoto, we kill such. We don’t tolerate such idiocy in Sokoto. This is not Kano, which is a commercial center where someone called the prophet names, including being an adulterer. They have been dragging about it.

Here we kill. When you touch the prophet, you become mad people. No talk of a person being out of his mind. Kill him!

Anyone who touches the prophet, no punishment. Just kill! Even if the person repents or recants, forgiveness is God’s business. We must kill such. Out of his mind, but buys a device, data, opens social media, and insults the prophet? Kill him! Don’t report a grievance to any authority. Kill him! Even if he is an Islamic teacher, much less a useless rascal.

Like Shehu Usman Dan Fodio, we are Mujahedeen (holy warriors) and Jihadists.

No compromise.

Allah curse whoever touches the prophet. Those of you who displayed your wrath, Allah bless you. Kill and disperse!”

Despite the intense persecution that Christians in Nigeria face, Nigeria was removed from the U.S. State Department’s Countries of Particular Concern list in November 2021.  

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