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05/13/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – On May 12, a member of the heavily persecuted Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) was taken away by the police after his home was raided during a youth gathering.

Brother Xiao Luobiao, a leader of ERCC youth, had his house raided at 10 am by the police. They asked the youth who were studying together at the time to return home before taking Brother Xiao away.

Brother Xiao was released around 2 pm after an interrogation by the police. He shared with the church, “Thanks be to God! I have already gotten out safely. This time was lighter than previous times [of arrest]; I gave a statement and left around 2 pm by myself.”

As a leader of ERCC, Brother Xiao is often targeted and has been detained a few times at local police stations. As recently as October 18, 2021, he was taken away by Wuhou district’s Red Archway Police Station for “illegal proselytization.” The intimidation against him and his family has not stopped since the December 9 crackdown of ERCC in 2018.

For months, he and his wife were followed by minders dispatched by the authorities. Despite confronting them and calling the police to protest, the harassment did not stop until after the pandemic started. Unfortunately, their situation is not unique, as the authorities continue to crack down on ERCC’s activities.

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