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05/12/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Eleven-year-old Sandra Magdi (pictured top left) joined the Hope House child sponsorship program at the end of 2021. She is one of a few hundred students who receive supplemental education at an ICC Hope House center in Egypt, a program created to serve disadvantaged Christian youth and break the cycles of generational persecution that leave students like Sandra without a clear future.

Several years ago, Sandra’s mother passed away. Her father, who works as a plumber, lives outside of the village and sends money home to care for his children, leaving Sandra and her two brothers to live with their grandmother. Her grandmother commented on her granddaughter’s personality, saying, “Sandra is calm and obedient. The discipleship [at the center] has affected her, and when she comes home, she tells the story of Youssef (Joseph), who forgave his brothers.”

Though her father lives and works far from home, Sandra rarely is able to travel outside her local village. A recent field trip with Hope House allowed Sandra to cultivate and grow her appreciation for the world around her. The excursion led the students of Hope House to a retreat center, where they were able to play outside and grow in fellowship with their peers, mentors, and teachers.

Sandra shared, “I was very happy on the trip. The place was new, and I liked it. The whole day was beautiful, and I hope we go again.”

As Sandra started to wind down on her first semester at Hope House, she reflected on her growth in the past few months. She learned how to study and how to problem-solve when questions are beyond her knowledge and abilities. Sandra’s test scores show she performs only slightly behind her peers who have attended the center for some time. She commented, “All the [national] exams were easy. There were a lot of questions on the Arabic exam, but I solved them well.”

Hope House seeks to equip children like Sandra with a solid educational background to prepare her for whatever her life may hold. Hope House and the child sponsorship program provide crucial education that Christian children likely would not receive in their public schools, where they often face discrimination and poor educational encouragement.

Sandra’s participation in the child sponsorship program supports not just her continued education but also her physical health, financial needs like school fees, and nutritional needs via monthly food packages for the family. Hope House also established a discipleship program where Sandra can learn more about the Bible alongside her peers with a mentor who invests in her spiritual growth.

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