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05/09/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Prior to finding Christ, Andrew was addicted to drugs for ten years, beginning in high school. Eventually, he became a powerful drug dealer in his town who recruited others to join his business. As time passed, he was expelled from school and became more heavily involved in crime.

The regular drug use eventually began to affect Andrew’s brain function, leading to memory loss and stress disorders. He also suffered from numerous heart attacks and strokes. Beginning in 2016, night after night, Andrew began to have terrifying nightmares. While he couldn’t understand their meaning, he called out for Jesus.

While his dreams convicted him, Andrew still wasn’t sure what to do. Even though Jesus had rescued him in his dreams, Andrew decided to convert to Islam and eventually changed his name to Mohammed. However, he still couldn’t find peace of mind and continued selling drugs and ignoring signs from God.

Finally, in December 2017, a pastor came to the slum where Andrew was working. However, Andrew was surrounded by his gang and knew the dangers involved in converting to Christianity. Under the darkness of night, Andrew met with the pastor and turned his life over to Christ. Eventually, Andrew was designated as a full-time worship leader.

Today, Andrew’s dream is to preach the Word both through word of mouth and through music. He composes music to reduce the risk of being attacked through street preaching. ICC came alongside him to provide him with a computer, speakers, headsets, a microphone, and more for him to open his own music studio. The studio will be a means of evangelizing to the community since many youths gather at the studio and this will give Andrew an opportunity to speak to them regardless of their musical interests. The studio will also be Andrew’s source of income since many other artists will pay to record their music in his studio.

Andrew expressed, “I thought this was a joke and could not believe this…I am seeing God’s hand in my life. It’s indeed a blessing to serve God. Let me hope that I am not dreaming that we are purchasing all of this for me…I really thank ICC because I had not expected this in the near future, but it has also come to pass.”

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