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05/04/2022 (International Christian Concern) – Sri Lanka is in the midst of an economic crisis. As is typical in economic crises, the poor and oppressed are affected most heavily. The relatively high cost of living in Sri Lanka has seen workers take to the streets and demand action. Joining them last Saturday was the Sri Lankan Christian Workers’ Fellowship, which held a Mass prior to the protest. The CWF blessed the workers and proclaimed the injustice of the Sri Lankan government not listening to the people. After service and the celebration of workers, the CWF and workers marched with their tools to the home of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Much of the people’s animosity is pointed at the current president, who they blame for mismanaging the economy. Since the crisis began, various protests have seen the people demanding his resignation outside the presidential residence. Rajapaksa addressed the working community the next day, saying, “Over the past three years, the working class has faced the biggest problems and is committed to consolidating the national economy. The government is adopting various approaches to alleviate the situation of the population.”

The Church has been especially busy in Sri Lanka over the last few years. Church officials demanding justice and appealing to the U.N. will hopefully gain the attention of the international community. Until then, the Church stands with the people of Sri Lanka. We never wish for hard times, but it is in these hard times that God uses his people to advocate for and support those most vulnerable.