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03/31/2022 Sri Lanka (International Christian Concern) – Sri Lanka is currently facing the worst economic crisis in 74 years since becoming a sovereign nation. Inflation is soaring, making the price of essential goods unbearable for lower-income citizens. During service last Sunday, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith addressed his congregation and the citizens of Sri Lanka about the declining state of their nation. “We need a national transformation or a new beginning in the country. It has been 74 years since our independence, and Sri Lankans need to answer the question of whether the path they have chosen for prosperity is real. The country today is in a hopeless situation, and it is the result of a series of wrong choices made not only by politicians but also by citizens who have allowed themselves to be exploited by the political and cultural forces that handed down our destiny.” 

Cardinal Ranjith has garnered much attention in Sri Lanka as well as the international community since his call for a proper and hasty investigation into those truly responsible for the Easter Sunday attack nearly three years ago. He is particularly critical of the Sri Lankan government, believing them to be corrupt and apathetic to the needs of the minority Christian population. Cardinal Ranjith has expanded his role past Colombo Cardinal to an advocate for change on behalf of the Sri Lankan Christian community. He recently traveled to Vatican City to speak with the Pope about his concern and frustration with the ineptitude and possible collusion of the Sri Lankan government and the perpetrators of the heinous attack. Now he not only lays the economic crisis at the feet of this incompetent government but also at the citizens who trusted the government to appropriately manage it.

Cardinal Ranjith has done more to advocate for the Sri Lankan Christian community than anyone, especially the government. It is noble that he takes his compassion further to mentor Sri Lankan citizens and push for positive change.