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Nigerian Army Unit Watched as Militants Burned Christian Houses Last Night

3/30/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – The displaced and traumatized Christian community in Jebbu-Miango was again attacked by Fulani militants on Tuesday evening. The community is located 7km from a Nigerian army barracks and is 15km from Jos, the state capital.

“The militants came at night, we ran, we saw the Fulani militants burning our houses that we just rebuilt.” The village community leader told ICC that a unit of the Nigerian army was present during the attack but refused to stop the militants from burning the houses, claiming that they had not been given a command to do so from their superiors.

For the past eight days, Fulani militants have continued to attack the community and destroy their farm crops. Local security forces are not protecting their community and the government is not coming to help them.

Davidson Malison, spokesman for the Irigwe, gave an update on  the attack in a press release, saying “Fulani Militia invaded Kpatenvie (Jebbu Miango) Village yesternight (29/3/22) at about 11:10pm.” He said, “One Person was killed and another sustained gunshots injuries and currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.

“And 15 Households with 52 rooms were razed down, About 20 food barns and kitchens were razed down, 10 Water Pump Machines,1 Peogeot Car and 1 Motorcycle were all burnt down, Uncountable Irish Potatoes Seeds riped for planting were burnt and destroyed.” He said the man who died was a Mr. Kayi Garba, a 63-year-old, and the injured person is John Ishaya Ahmadu.

Gata Moses, a community-based rights activist in Nigeria, wrote to ICC on the recent attack. “Another gravest threat to Irigwe Land resurfaced, leaving so much pains in the lives of the people who are just returning to their communities after deserting them in August 2021… This planned attack on Irigwe, a peaceful and loving nation, is brutal and wholly unprovoked and unjustified.”

“We call on state and non-state actors to stand in full solidarity with the people of Rigwe and bring an end to this menace. Enough is enough,” Moses wrote.

The Fulani, who practice Islam, are one of Nigeria’s major ethnic groups. While many are nomads, a number of prominent Nigerians—including President Muhammadu Buhari—are Fulani. The vast majority of Fulani are peaceful, but certain elements among them seem determined to spread hate and violence. This faction has even surpassed Boko Haram in violence against Christian villagers in Nigeria.

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