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3/24/2022 (International Christian Concern) – Parole Vivante (PV)* is an organization based in a predominantly Muslim country in Southeast Asia. The ministry supports five believers with Muslim backgrounds who have been working with PV for a little over five years. PV’s goal is to reach a people group who make up 60% of the population of the country with the good news of Jesus Christ.

International Christian Concern (ICC) had the opportunity to provide financial support to PV so that it could, in turn, support the ministry of the five Muslim-background believers to this people group that desperately needs to hear the gospel.

ICC provided three months of financial support to these five leaders amid the challenges presented by the pandemic. The funds were used for traveling to and meals with Muslim Background Believers (MBBs). The meals were usually provided for new believers during the weekly Discover Bible Studies hosted for MBBs by PV.

The five leaders travel five or six times a week after they finish working their day jobs to run these Bible studies with new believers. They host the studies at their homes or local cafes to share the Word of God. PV supports 77 house churches that have around 475 MBBs attend weekly.

In a recently released statement to ICC, an employee at PV said, “The leaders and our team at PV Ministry are overjoyed that the funds from ICC have helped us continue to run our Discover Bible Studies…God has been faithful to His Word and His people.”

They continued with their testimony, saying, “The number of seekers has increased, and so has our need for leaders to disciple them. We are encouraged that ICC is partnering to reach this nation with the Word of God through PV and Discover Bible Studies.”

The five MBBs serving as PV’s Bible study leaders also spoke to ICC’s representatives. One woman striving to share the gospel with her Muslim family and friends said, “I thank ICC for supporting me in times like these when we are burdened by persecution and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

She continued, “The support has helped me support other leaders, those who are serving together with me. I compensated them for some of their travel expenses and meals during these times. Even though there are risks involved in our ministry, we trust that God will surely provide through His blessed people.”

Please join ICC in prayer for PV and the leaders of these Bible studies. PV has requested prayer for more leaders to rise from the community and for wisdom and knowledge as the leaders share the gospel with their Muslim friends and neighbors. Additionally, prayers that the COVID-19 situation in their country would improve and that the government would lift the pandemic restrictions so that PV’s leaders could more easily conduct their ministry activities.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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