Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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03/18/2022 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On the 23rd of last month, three people tried to rob a Christian family in rural Mohladen, Pakistan. The father was able to defend his home and save his daughter’s dowry and even managed to capture one of the robbers. Before the other two made their escape, they opened fire on the father, hitting him in the leg. The family called the police and handed over the captured robber, alive, into their custody. The next day, the police came back to the house and accused the family of murdering the criminal. The two sons were arrested and finally released last Saturday on bail. The family is poor and claims that the court is putting pressure on them because they are Christian.

The family’s lawyer spoke to AsiaNews, saying how the robbers must have known the house would be a prime target because of the daughter’s dowry. He goes on the describe the corrupt nature of the police and the courts, “Prejudice governs police behavior when it comes to providing justice to poor families. It is very sad to see that Pakistani Christians are going through a hard time.”

There have been no reports of the other two robbers being arrested or identified. Despite police persecution being common against Christians in Pakistan, the family and the lawyer are hoping that justice will be served and the false charges dropped.

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