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By Gina Goh  

03/11/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Umar* is a Muslim-background believer from the Sundanese tribe in Indonesia and is spiritually mentored by Joyo*. To meet Umar’s daily needs, Joyo helps Umar with the sales of ornamental plants. However, the capital for Umar’s business was insufficient for him to have a sustainable income.

Seeing the difficulties experienced by Umar, Joyo submitted an application to ICC for assistance in funding Umar’s business. With the help of this fund, Joyo plans to use this business to approach and do outreach to local Muslims.

Umar recently harvested for the first time the ornamental grass that he planted, given that the harvest cycle only lasts between three to four months. With the additional fund provided by ICC, Umar was able to lease the land for the next year and harvest the ornamental grass up to four times. He was joyful that he could have a water pump employed to water the grass he planted, as well as procure sufficient seeds.

As Umar’s mentor, Joyo found the assistance very helpful because it made it easier for him to guide Umar more. This help was regarded as a special testimony for Umar on how God cares for him. Umar was also able to hire a few more people to help him, opening up a door for Joyo to preach the gospel because the people who work with Umar are still Muslims.

Umar told ICC, Thank you very much to ICC, and I will be willing to return what is my obligation [loan] after the first harvest of early January.

Please continue to pray for Umar to grow in his faith, as well as for the safety of Joyo as he carries out his ministry, reaching out to Sundanese Muslims.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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