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03/10/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – A 25-year-old man, Sheriff Yongo from the Demsa area of Adamawa State, Nigeria, was killed in an ambush last week. He was returning home to Demsa from the annual convention held by the Lutheran Church of Christ Nigeria in nearby Numan when he and his traveling companions came under attack.

The sheriff was driving a motorcycle while his two friends rode in the back. They were able to escape into the dark bush. One of the passengers told the media that he and the other passenger waited for Sheriff to join them. When he didn’t, they eventually returned to the site of the attack and found his body with knife wounds and the fingers of one of his hands cut off.

ICC staff reviewed pictures of the Sheriff’s body that corroborate this account.

According to local news sources, Kate Mamuno, the local representative to the Adamawa State Assembly, came to the mortuary the next day to calm the situation down as locals found out about the incident. “It is really a sad incident,” Mamuno said, according to News Fronteers, “but you should not take the law into your hands. I am going to inform the Governor and table it before the House.”

Christians in Adamawa State have long experienced persecution for their faith. Whether from Boko Haram, which has regional headquarters near the capital city of Yola, or from Fulani militants, Christians often find themselves on the receiving end of violent attacks and other discrimination.

ICC operates a number of large communal farms in the central Middle Belt region of Nigeria, including in Adamawa State, which is on the eastern end of the Middle Belt.

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