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03/07/2022 Kazakhstan (International Christian Concern) – Christians in Kazakhstan continue to suffer from archaic censorship laws and administrative prosecutions but are looking past their problems to address and encourage their fellow Christians abroad. The Diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, responded to the war in Ukraine by offering a perspective that is not political but religious. The Bishop in Karaganda read a statement illustrating all the different nationalities and political allegiances that exist in Kazakhstan. He says that despite differences and the persecution of the Christian community in the country, believers can come together as they are all children of God.

“Faced with what is happening in Ukraine, I believe that the obligation of each of us must be to offer our neighbor a perspective that is not political… If each of us judged the other on the basis of our own nationality, there would be no peaceful coexistence. As Christians, we need to understand what unites us: certainly not nationality because we are different, but Jesus Christ, who is among us, unites us. Of course, there are divisions and differences, but if we start from these, we will no longer be able to look each other in the eye.”

Additionally, the Evening Reformed Seminary in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has issued a joint statement with nine other seminaries in Europe and Russia condemning Russian aggression. Several former Soviet Republics confessed allegiance to Christ and encouraged Christians around the world to pray for peace in Ukraine. The statement was posted on Facebook and expressed the unity of Christian institutions and the desire for justice.

“We express solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We share the pain of those who have already lost their loved ones. We pray that all of the aggressor’s plans would be thwarted and put to shame. We call on all people of goodwill around the world to resist the lies and hatred of the aggressor. We call on everyone to petition for a cessation of hostilities and to exert every possible influence on the Russian Federation in order to stop the unmotivated aggression toward Ukraine. We ask you to pray for peace for the people of Ukraine and for courage and wisdom for Christian churches so that they continue to serve those in need. We pray for our authorities and put our hope in the King of kings and the Lord of lords, who is, and remains, our refuge and our fortress, even in time of war (Ps 46).”

We join the resilient Christians of Kazakhstan in their cry for peace in Ukraine and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for those suffering.

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