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03/07/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In 2019, a Hindu man in India named Rajit developed a debilitating illness. After several failed attempts at finding a cure, he was told about the healing power found in Christ. He attended a church service, received prayer, and was eventually cured of his disease. Following this miracle, he and his family immediately began their new lives as Christians.

After becoming Christians, Rajit and his family began to face many hardships and struggled to make ends meet. Eventually, to keep food on the table, Rajit began to farm and was able to cultivate a plentiful crop by the grace of God. However, because of Rajit’s newfound faith, a group of local villagers sent their cattle onto Rajit’s field to destroy his harvest. The villagers warned Rajit of further violence if he didn’t return to Hinduism.

Following the incident, Rajit and his family continued to receive threats of violence for days. Tensions boiled to the point where the villagers forcibly removed Rajit and his family from their homes and banned them from the village. With the help of a local pastor, the family moved into a small rental home with no source of income, but they remained steadfast in their faith.

In response, ICC came alongside this family and provided them with three months of rent, food aid, clothing, and household items. This assistance will provide them with the support they need while they settle into a new village and find new work.

Rajit expressed, “I thank God for His grace and faithfulness in my life. Truly our living God wipes out His children’s sorrows and burdens. It is written in the Bible, ‘Cast your burden on Him, and He will give you rest.’ It is [absolutely] true… I hope and believe that this help will be a great blessing and helpful for my family and me.”

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