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03/03/2022 India (International Christian Concern) – Last Friday, a Christian pastor was assaulted by a mob of radical Hindus in Delhi. The mob accused him of being on a conversion mission and forced him to chant “Jai Sri Ram” or “Glory to Lord Rama” before attacking him and stealing his bag. He told Scroll that the attackers “spoke to each other and accused me of religious conversion. They started beating me up and took my phone, my bag, which had my Bible, the papers from my bike, and other important papers. They were taking photos and videos of the entire thing.”

A few bystanders told the mob to take the pastor to the police, but the mob said the police were not answering the phone and decided to deal with him themselves. “The men then said the SHO’s [station officer-in-charge] phone was not connecting. Instead, they took me to the Fatehpur Beri Chowk crossroad, where they tied both my hands to the divider of the road and started inciting people by saying I had come to do forceful religious conversions. They were hitting my head constantly and also attacking my chest and stomach. They hit me so much on the head that I was bleeding from my nose and mouth.” Eventually, the pastor managed to break the ropes and run for his life until he found a spot to hide.

The pastor waited two days before officially filing a report with the police. It was a few days more before the FIR was registered, and the police say the investigation is still underway. A few of the shop owners who witnessed the attack refused to give Scroll any details about the attackers, as they probably recognized the mob as residents of the area. If the witnesses do not reveal anything or the police continue to delay the investigation, there may be no justice for the pastor.