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03/02/2022 DRC (International Christian Concern) – On October 7th, 2020, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels killed eight Christians during a nighttime assault in the Eastern DRC. Mayasa Dorotia, an elderly woman, was fleeing the attackers when suddenly a bullet pierced her back, leaving her paralyzed.

“I thought I would be caught and get killed,” she said, remembering the incident. “But my villagers carried me on until we disappeared.”

The following morning, Dortoia was taken to the hospital for treatment. “No one thought I would survive,” she said. “I stayed in the hospital for six months, and the wound recovered, but I remained paralyzed.”

For almost two years, Dorotia has been confined to her bed, unable to move due to the injuries she sustained. She is one among many Christian’s suffering incessant persecution by the ADF, a militant group linked to the Islamic State that operates in the Congo’s Ituri and Nord-Kivu provinces.

Late last year, ICC learned of Dorotia’s predicament. Through the generous support of our donors, representatives in the Congo purchased a wheelchair for Dorotia and gifted it to her along with other essential items.

“My heart is overflowing with joy this day,” she told ICC while receiving her gift. “For after two years, I am now able to move around and meet my friends. I can also go to the market to buy whatever I need.”

Dorotia continued, “I was tired of staying in the house, sitting all day in my bed. My family was also tired of carrying me every time I needed to wake up and go out. Now I can push myself to go to the sun if I need to bask and go to the house when it begins to rain. I am independent once again. Although I cannot walk like I used to do, I can move from one point to another.”

Throughout her struggles, Dorotia has remained steadfast in her faith. She spends her time singing old Congolese songs, reading her Bible, and praying for believers in her war-torn country. Now, she is asking others to pray for the country that she calls home.

“Every time I use my wheelchair and eat the food you have given me, I say a little prayer for DR Congo that the Lord would stop the war and save the rebels that hate Christians without a cause,” she said. “Mothers, children, and men are all suffering, and others are dying of hunger. Imagine surviving an attack and then dying because of a lack of food in this rich nation because we cannot settle on our farm, till, and produce food for ourselves. It makes us so sick. Please keep praying for Congo.”

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