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03/01/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – Three out of the five Christians from a house church in Taiyuan, previously sentenced to more than six months of imprisonment for attending a Christian conference in Malaysia, have been released.

According to China Aid, Wang Shiqiang and Zhang Yaowen, members of the Xuncheng Reformed Church, both sentenced to seven months, were set free on February 27. Their families went to pick them up and took photos outside of the detention center.

With the shortest sentence (six months), Song Shoushan was released on January 27. Zhang Ligong and Wang Runyun will finish their eight-month sentence on March 27.

After Song’s release, he told his family that not only did he and the four other Christians experience God in jail, but they also shared the good news with other inmates. God is never wrong. He said there are many poor souls inside who need the gospel. He said that the other brothers still detained are all doing well.

The five, along with their preacher, An Yankui, and another member Zhang Chenghao, attended the “KL2020 Gospel and Culture” conference in Malaysia in January 2020. Though they departed and returned to China through customs with their passports, the Chinese government still viewed their trip as illegal and hit them with fabricated charges on December 28, 2021.

An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao were detained on November 21 last year for “illegal border crossing” as well, although they have not been sentenced. They are currently detained at Xiaoyi City Detention Center.

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