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03/01/2022 Congo (International Christian Concern) – Twenty people were killed in an attack suspected to have been perpetrated by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group on Sunday evening.

The attack took place in Kikura village on the eastern side of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The ADF struck around 9 p.m. with militants wielding machetes and burning houses in the village.

According to a report from David Moaze, a lawyer affiliated with the DRC rights group ADDHO, two women and one nine-year-old girl were among those killed by rebels.

The ADF has been described by the Islamic State as its “regional branch” in Central Africa and is wreaking havoc in the eastern regions of the DRC. Since March 2020, the United States has listed the ADF as a terrorist group affiliated with Islamic State jihadists.

The rebel group has been accused of causing thousands of deaths in the DRC since 2013. It is currently also suspected of launching the recent bombings in Kampala, the capital of the DRC’s neighbor, Uganda.

The Congolese government has made several attempts to suppress the ADF. Last May, DRC officials imposed a “state of siege” in several states that enabled a military crackdown on the rebels. Additionally, the DRC is collaborating closely with Uganda to crush armed rebel groups, including the ADF, that continues to plague the two countries. Despite these efforts, attacks such as this one have continued to occur.

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