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02/28/2022 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Members of Iran’s parliament pushed forward an internet regulation bill that would provide sweeping changes for business, government oversight, and civilian use. The “Bill to Protect Users in Cyberspace” was first introduced three years ago, and in July 2021, parliament attempted to finalize the bill but was forced to drop it after widespread criticism.

The proposed bill would essentially hand over Iran’s internet infrastructure to the nation’s armed forces, violate citizens’ rights, and infringe on privacy. In a country where evangelism is illegal, and Christians already face charges of acting against national security for house church membership, the passing of the bill would further limit outreach abilities and increase the likelihood of arrests and prison charges for converts.

The bill would limit the ability of businesses to operate in Iran but would also likely block the majority of social media platforms, limiting outreach and even news-sharing for citizens.

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