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02/27/2022 Sri Lanka (International Christian Concern) – A delegation of Sri Lankan Catholics led by Cardinal Ranjith will meet with Pope Francis today in the Vatican. Following his promise to take Sri Lanka’s grievances to the pope, Cardinal Ranjith hopes to work with the Vatican to advocate justice for the Easter Attack victims. The pope had written a letter to the cardinal back in January promising to keep a close watch on the situation and to lend whatever help he could to help the victims find justice. Cardinal Ranjith believes whatever form that help takes will surely be more helpful than the Sri Lankan government, which he believes could have conspired with the attackers.

The attack was carried out by suicide bombers affiliating with Islamic extremist organizations on Easter Sunday 2019. Three churches were targeted, and the attacks left 269 people dead, including 37 foreign nationals, and around 500 injured. The official reports of the incident are rumored to have been submitted to Sri Lankan parliament nearly three years after the horrific attacks. the Church has not been granted permission to see the final report, despite countless requests to release the commission’s findings and conclusions. Cardinal Ranjith remains to mistrust the commission and the government, saying, “The government has not fulfilled any of its promises to us. This has been made a joke by protecting the heads of state and high officials who were aware of the attack and did not take action to prevent it.”

Almost three years with no justice for the dead and injured victims of the attack, along with possible collusion between government agents and the attackers. We pray that the talks today bear fruit and, with support from the Vatican, that the truth will be revealed and that justice will be served.

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