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02/18/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – A pastor, who was also a doctor, was killed amid the intense fighting in Moe Bye on the Shan-Kayah state border on February 17.

The escalating fight occurred between the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) and Karenni Democratic Front (KDF) since Feb. 16. The Tatmadaw has sent fighter jets to carry out airstrikes against local defense groups.

According to Chindwin News, Dr. Aung Gyi was reportedly killed yesterday by junta artillery, for he had sacrificed himself in attempts to provide medical treatment for his fellow comrades fallen at the battle frontline. His body was retrieved a few hours later and brought back by KDF.

The KDF said the deceased doctor from Yangon joined the armed resistance in Kayah state and became KDF’s medic after being detained for six months by the regime.

Around 20 junta soldiers and 20 resistance fighters were reportedly killed in Moe Bye town as fighting raged Between people’s defense forces and Myanmar Junta. Most of Moe Bye’s 28,000 residents have fled the town due to the conflicts.

David Eubank from Free Burma Rangers also shared a video to show the village of Hwari Suplai (near Moe Bye) being burned by the Tatmadaw amid the fighting. In recent months, the junta has adopted the tactic of burning villages supportive of the anti-junta movement. Many innocent civilians were not spared and had signs of being tortured before their death.

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