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02/16/2022 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – A Christian man was stabbed to death earlier this week in Lahore, Pakistan. A mob of radical Muslims attacked the 25-year-old Christian during a dispute about the construction of a wall in the neighborhood factory area police limits. The victim’s brother was injured the day before as the local Christian and Muslim communities had clashed over the same issue.

The victim’s uncle filed the First Incident Report. According to him, a mob of 200 people had gathered in the street near his house in LDA quarters. They were yelling and cursing, creating chaos in the street. Despite the sensitivity of the issue, police were unable to dedicate the proper amount of time and effort to the case because of their focus on the Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches. The police claim they need to focus their attention on security at the games, highlighting how inconsequential violence against Christians is in Pakistan.

This is the latest attack against the minority Christian community in Pakistan, but there have been many this year. A little over two weeks ago, two Christian pastors, Pastor Patrick and Pastor Siraj were attacked by unknown assailants on a motorcycle. The attack came after Sunday service in Peshawar on January 31. The pastors were returning from their Sunday prayers when the men opened fire on their vehicles. Pastor Siraj was killed instantly, while Pastor Patrick was treated for gunshot wounds.

The recent attacks on Christian youth and pastors are instances of violent persecution against minorities in Pakistan. The situation continues to get worse for Christians living in the country. In recent years, there has been a surge in attacks on minorities and their places of worship. The country has been criticized by the international community for not safeguarding the interests of minority religions.

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