Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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02/12/2022 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – The parish of St. Joseph Church in Tando Adam, Pakistan, has opened a center to provide clothing to those in need. The “House of Mary” got its name from the parish priest who declared,

“Our Mother Mary is everyone’s Mother, that is why we called it ‘The House of Mary’. The facility is open in our parish school of St. Joseph and addresses all the people who live in the surroundings without any discrimination of religious faith, ethnicity, language, or culture. Anyone in need can come and get their clothes, according to their needs. It is a totally free service, open every day, every afternoon.”

Most of those in need are immigrants from the province of Punjab and work jobs that do not pay enough for the workers to afford clothes. When the parish priest saw the needs of his community, he sought help from friends, priests, nuns, and laity. The support was so substantial that the “House of Mary” took form. The new parish of St. Joseph is off to a great start in supporting its community, and the community is ready to give back. The workforce of volunteers ensures the clothes are washed, ironed, and readily available to whoever is in need.

The future of the House of Mary will involve more than giving away clothes. The parish priest envisions starting a sewing center in the parish to allow young girls to learn the vocation and open opportunities for work.

“We will also include the new clothes that the girls will sew in the House of Mary, asking for a minimum offer of money, thus helping these young women who are learning the art of cutting and sewing.”

Compassion for all of God’s children is alive and well in Pakistan, despite the persecution Christians endure. The House of Mary offers help to all, regardless of faith. We pray that this example of unity will spread and encourage peace between people of differing religions.

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