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02/04/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – On January 31, Indonesian police arrested a Muslim politician from Jakarta for allegedly insulting members of the primarily Christian Dayak ethnic group in Borneo.

The case that ensnared Edy Mulyadi, 55, a politician from the Islamist political party Prosperous Justice Party, is related to a video clip containing his statement regarding the relocation of the nation’s capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan. He was calling Kalimantan — where many ethnic Dayaks live — “a place of evil spirits [genies] that throwaway children, so it would be strange if the country’s capital was moved to that area.

According to UCA News, his YouTube video soon sparked outrage among Dayaks and protests in several towns on Borneo.

The general secretary of the National Dayak Custom Council, Yakobus Kumis, said Mulyadi had insulted all Dayaks.

“We, the Dayak people, are not evil spirits or monkeys. We are Indonesian people like other people in this country. Mulyadi’s statement was very dangerous and divisive,” he said.

National police spokesman Ahmad Ramadhan confirmed that Mulyadi was arrested and detained for hate speech targeting indigenous, religious, and racial groups. He can face up to ten years of imprisonment for hate speech.

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