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Pakistan 02/01/2022 (International Christian Concern) – ICC previously reported how two men on a motorbike opened fire on two priests in Peshawar, Pakistan. The clergymen were driving home from Church on Sunday when the car was hit by gunfire. One of the priests was killed, while the other survived. The identity of the attackers remains unknown while the investigation remains ongoing.

The surviving priest had a chance to speak about the attack after being taken to the hospital. He recounts how two men waited for them outside the church. They wore bike helmets and shawls to conceal their identity. The men followed the car on motorbikes before opening fire.

“We are men of prayer, and we are dedicated to the community. We do not argue with anyone. We have no enemies. This is an act of terrorism perpetrated by those who want to ruin the peace in Pakistan and damage the image of our country.”

The Provincial Chief Minister has shared how he is determined to find and arrest the two gunmen in the name of peaceful coexistence between faiths.

“This is a heinous act; the perpetrators will not be able to escape. This attack aims to harm inter-religious harmony in our province. The elements involved in this attack are enemies of peace and coexistence”.

This is not the first attack experienced by members of All Saints Church, where the clergymen worked. In 2013, two suicide bombers detonated their bombs in the church after services that Sunday. 127 people died, with 170 injured. Unfortunately, Christians in Pakistan are no strangers to persecution and violence.

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