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02/01/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – Army Chief of Staff in Indonesia might become another victim accused of violating blasphemy laws after a video of him making comments about his Muslim faith was reported by a coalition of Muslim clerics.

According to UCA News, General Dudung Abdurachman made a comment last year saying, “If I prayed, I prayed simply … and I only used the Indonesian language because our God isn’t an Arab,” which was later posted online by an Indonesian actor on Nov. 30, 2021.

Damai Hari Lubis, a coordinator of the Coalition of Indonesian Muslim Clerics, said in his statement on Jan. 30 that the coalition reported Abdurachman on Jan. 28, and the report was received by Agus Prasetyo from the Army Military Police Command.

The coalition hopes that the army general can be charged to deter further cases of blasphemy and hate speech.

In response, Abdurachman said that controversial comments he made about God were aimed at upholding diversity and defending religious minorities such as Christians from intolerance.

“Indonesia was built from diversity and difference [of opinion]. We should respect it because it becomes our strength,” he said on Jan. 29 at a book launch in Jakarta. He added that it would be dangerous if an intolerant group was allowed in Indonesia.

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