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01/31/2022 Liberia (International Christian Concern) – On January 19, 2022, a Liberian street gang attempted to rob a church event while funds were being collected.

Armed, unidentified gang members attacked event coordinators while they were on the stage, causing attendees to flee the area, which resulted in a stampede. The stampede led to 29 deaths, including the deaths of 11 children. Several other attendees were injured, and the death toll is expected to rise.

A witness, Exodus Morias, was interviewed by Reuters, stating, “We saw a group of men with cutlasses and other weapons coming toward the crowd. While running, some people dropped, and others fell on the ground and walked over them.”

Police questioned the event’s organizer, known as Apostle Abraham Kromah, and are facilitating an ongoing case investigation.

Zogos, or Liberian armed gangs, have been known to commit robberies, causing the proliferation of violence and fear in Liberia. Please pray for the safety of citizens in Liberia, especially the protection of churches from gang violence. Please also pray for the capability and desire of gang members to seek other sources of income outside of robbery.

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