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01/29/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – Shandong Theological Seminary held an end-of-year summary meeting on January 18 to look back on the successes, struggles, or failures throughout 2021.

The Vice Chairman of Shandong Province, Lianghui (Shandong Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church and Shandong Christian Council), who is also the vice president of the school, Pastor Li Hongyu, commended that the school has successfully conducted pandemic mitigation measures, implemented a series of celebration events for the centennial of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and drafted the curriculum for the Sinicization of Christianity.

The president of the school, Pastor Gao Ming, also complimented every department’s achievement in 2021. He pointed out that the seminary should continue its path towards Sinicization and utilize its advantages as the school is based in the birthplace of Confucian culture. With socialist core values, coupled with Shandong’s theological infrastructure, the school should strive to promote the Sinicization of theological education.

The Sinicization campaign was launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015. Its aim is to ensure that religious beliefs, faith, practice, and rituals in China are in accordance with CCP’s ideologies. Since then, the state-vetted Three-self churches and their affiliated seminaries have availed themselves to be the implementers of such a theme that elevates the CCP above their Christian faith.

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