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01/24/2022 United Arab Emirates (International Christian Concern) – A new report completed by IMPACT-se evaluates the tolerance of education taught in the United Arab Emirates. The institute also evaluates other countries, including neighboring Saudi Arabia. The report indicated high levels of tolerance and the promotion of co-existence, despite some critical material of neighboring governments such as Iran and Turkey.

Peaceful coexistence is largely seen across varying topics, including ethnic and religious divides seen in the UAE, a notable difference from other nearby Muslim-majority countries that tout Islam as a necessary component of national pride. The textbooks and school curriculum rarely address attitudes towards Christians directly but broadly promotes unity among the Abrahamic faith. Terminology is notably softened towards Jews and even promotes Arab-Israeli relations, though Israel itself is not marked on maps.

Many expatriates also live in the Emirates, leading to the country seeking to appeal to outside countries to attract businesses. Late last year, Abu Dhabi introduced a plan to provide a more secular legal framework.

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