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01/24/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Hanan was kicked out of her home in Egypt by an abusive husband, leaving the Christian mother of six without social status and sidelined as a religious minority and single woman. She unsuccessfully tried to get a divorce because of his abuse and infidelity but had little support.

For Hanan, raising children in a Christian household and seeking justice is a difficult feat when up against a Muslim man in a legal system and country that favors Islam.

To relieve Hanan’s economic burden as a single mother with many children, ICC provided a small grocery store business that she could run out of her home. For the first time, Hanan can breathe a sigh of relief. She is no longer bound to her abuser and has money to spare that she earns herself. Hanan said, “I’m very happy because of this project. Now, I always have money in my pocket. Before the project, I was not able to.”

Now, Hanan is serving a need in her community. “[There are not many] grocery shops here, so many people who live beside me are my clients. They always buy stuff like cleaning products, macaroni, and rice,” she said. Hanan, free for the first time in her adult life, can dream of her future.

She hopes to expand her business and continue loving her children and teaching them about God.

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