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01/24/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – A member from the Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) was taken away by the place when he returned to his rented apartment with his landlord.

Jia Xuewei, a member of ERCC house church, has been monitored and repeatedly harassed by the local authorities in Chengdu. He has been made homeless by the police and needs to stay at his friends’ places. On January 24, around 4 p.m., the police from Shahe police station took Jia away from his apartment in Jinjiang district, Majiagou, as he and his landlord attempted to return to the property.

According to a prayer request sent out by ERCC, Jia’s landlord (who also attends ERCC) and Jia went to his apartment to retrieve the stuff that belonged to him today. Since the door had been sealed earlier by the police, they attempted to open it. The property immediately reported them to the police. Although the landlord explained the situation to the officers sent by Shahe police station, Jia was still taken away. He was not released until three hours later.

Since November 2020, Jia has been taken away from his house several times. The authorities also shut down electricity and water at his place. The lock to his door was tampered with or damaged as well. Jia decided not to lock the door as a result so that he could still return home. Even if he resides in a waterless and powerless apartment, the persecution against him never stops.

For more than one year, he constantly needs to search for places to crash. A brother in Christ who kindly hosted him also had his power and water shut off by the authorities.

An ERCC member told ICC perhaps it is because Jia Xuewei has good writing skills and is not afraid to confront the authorities on ERCC’s persecution that he is regarded as trouble by the local authorities.

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