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12/31/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Newly imposed currency travel restrictions for those entering Syria have been lifted for Christian clergy. Christian clergy often travel back and forth between Syria and Lebanon as the two country’s churches are unified, resulting in clergy paying excessive amounts in transfer fees.

Regulations introduced in 2021, mandated that Syrians must exchange $100 before entering Syria and changed the exchange rate from 1,256 to 2,500 Syrian pounds. The Syrian Cabinet decided at the end of November to exempt certain categories of people, including Christian leaders, from having to pay the $100 in exchange for Syrian currency. Those crossing the border must provide paperwork noting that they are traveling on church business.

The exchanges place additional strain on Syrians living in crisis. By excluding Christian priests, clergy, deacons, nuns and monks from paying the fees, the Syrian government allows for better ministry to the local Christian communities.

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