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12/29/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – While driving home on a motorcycle last week after a night of Christmas caroling, three Christians were ambushed by gunmen suspected to be Jihadist Fulani.

“Two were killed with bullets and a female survived dangerous bullet wounds,” said a community activist while confirming the attack. “She was rushed to the hospital for a medical check-up, we pray she survives the bullets wounds.”

“Gideon Amba (33), the driver, and Laraba Sunday, (16), one of the passengers were confirmed dead… Veronica Sule survived gunshots wounds and was hospitalized, they are all from my community.”

A Christian youth leader in the area told ICC that the government had “abandoned them to the mercy of Jihadist gunmen.” He added that the Fulani militants were killing Christians daily, while American’s and the rest of the international community are keeping silent.

“Ambushes are not new to us,” he said. “We lost over 300 people in an ambush without any effort by the security to arrest the terrorists… Fulani (militants) are killing Christians…but some are still referring to it as a clash.”

Mr. Musa Avia Aga of the Irigwe/Rukuba Plateau State house of Assembly told ICC that the government not condemning the attacks or finding lasting solutions has contributed to the increase in violence. “Everywhere is unsafe and we cannot rely on the available weak security coverage that we have,” he said. “I am worried… my heart bleeds at the hearing of any sad news of death as the result of Fulani (militant) attacks.”

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