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12/28/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Irene* is an Indonesian field worker who desires to serve college students. In the island where she lives, there are not many mission organizations that focus on outreach to the students. Most of them do evangelism to the unreached in remote areas or marginalized groups.

Irene’s calling has always been to be able to minister to the students. By God’s grace, Irene joined a sending organization that guides and equips her to do just that.

As a certified physical therapist, Irene sees her profession as a platform to help her serve God and others. Through her service, Irene can easily reach out to people around her who need treatment. She can treat patients while sharing the good news. With repeated visits from the patients, Irene can gradually introduce the Gospel to them.

ICC helps Irene fulfill her desire to serve by providing the tools that a physical therapist needs for an in-home visit. From transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device, goniometer, mat, to blood pressure monitor, ICC makes sure Irene has everything she needs to launch her service.

Irene told ICC, “I thank God for His grace for me. God answered my longing to serve through my expertise. ICC facilitates the process so I can freely do this outreach. Receiving the business capital increases my confidence to interact with many people, especially those who need help for their physical recovery. I share the good news every time I meet a patient.”

A story from one of her patients shows the fruits of her work. Mrs. Asang*, 70, had a stroke few years ago. She still suffers from the symptoms of stroke and needs several physical therapy treatments. After Irene visited and performed treatment on her, her knee and back pain have decreased.

At her age, Mrs. Asang still has hope in God. During her treatment, she testified about how God worked wonderfully in her life when she was younger although she was sick. On the last day of Mrs. Asang’s treatment, Irene took time to pray for her. She was happy to see that Mrs. Asang continues to depend her life on God and lives her days with joy.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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