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12/25/2021 Kenya (International Christian Concern) –According to Morning Star News, a Somali-born pastor in Kenya was attacked by four men on December 3rd, due to leaving Islam for the Christian faith.

On Wednesday the pastor told the news source that two weeks prior to the attack, he received an anonymous, threatening text message.

“We are getting reports that you are now a Christian,” it read. “You have been missing our Friday prayer meeting. If this is true, then you are risking your life.”

While he had been a Christian for four years, the Pastor had continued to attend prayers at the mosque to avoid raising suspicions amongst the Muslim community. However, when Covid hit, it gave him an excuse to lower attendance.

“They started questioning me about not attending Friday prayers at the mosque,” he told Morning Star News. “I kept quiet, and one of them threatened to kill me if I continued keeping quiet.”

“Immediately one began to slap me while another held me with the intention of strangling me, and I fell down,” he said. “They started beating me with hard objects around my knee. I then shouted for help and screamed with a lot of pain. Thank God that at that moment a vehicle approached with bright lights, and the attackers fled away, leaving me bleeding in a pool of blood.”

Thankfully the vehicle stopped, and brought the pastor to the hospital, where he received treatment for a fractured leg. He was released after five days.

“I know if I report this case to the police, then the attackers can easily find a way of killing me and my family,” he said. “My family is very fearful and terrified, and it is causing a lot of pressure on us.”

“I thank God, because He is a mighty warrior,” the pastor said. “I am determined to serve Him for making me alive for the sake of His kingdom and purpose.”

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