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By ICC’s Indonesia Representative

12/14/2021 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – The attitude of most Muslims towards Christianity is evident if we look at the events that occur in our society. Various forms ranging from verbal and non-verbal abuses, as well as discrimination, are all common occurrences. Recently, an educational radio owned by a Christian foundation experienced hostilities from the local Muslim community as it played Biblical program.

The radio is based in a Muslim-majority area in one of the islands in Indonesia. It started playing audio Bible verses translated into the local language – the books of Proverbs and Corinthians are broadcasted daily at certain hours for a few minutes.

The words in Paul’s books make many statements about Jesus the Messiah. These messages openly declare the Messiah as the Righteous. The program was well received until the protest came one day.

A person who heard these verses broadcasted in the local language while driving recorded and reported it to local Muslim groups on WhatsApp. The Scripture caused an uproar among the Muslims. They asked the radio to stop playing the verses and threatened to shut down the radio if they do not listen.

Various parties involved contacted the leadership of the radio. They were also monitored. This news was not widely circulated to avoid further commotion. After holding meetings with various parties, the agreed solution was that the radio would play Muslim content in order to strike a balance.

This incident is one example of how some Muslims are hostile towards Christianity. They shut down people’s access to the Good News thanks to the notions taught by their religious leaders. In the meantime, the contents of their lectures increasingly insult the teachings of other religions, especially Christian doctrines. They claim that the followers of Jesus are experts to hell. Christians should never become leaders in this country because Christians are infidel.

Although Indonesia prides itself to be a tolerant nation with diversity, as Christians, discrimination and persecution are still deeply felt in our daily lives.

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