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11/29/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – On November 16, Gajju Kawasi, a Christian from India’s Chhattisgarh state, was beaten unconscious after he refused to recant his faith before a village gathering. As a result of the attack, Kawasi was hospitalized for several days, unable to speak.

On November 16, Kawasi was summoned to a gathering in Katenar village. According to local reports, the village head summoned Kawasi to the gathering to confront him over his Christian faith.

At the gathering, Kawasi was told that the Hindu gods of the village were upset because he was worshiping Jesus. The village head then demanded that Kawasi stop worshiping Jesus and convert to Hinduism. When Kawasi refused, he was attacked by a mob led by Ganesh Nag, the head of the local Hindu temple.

The mob reportedly beat Kawasi mercilessly, kicking him while he was on the ground. According to Kawasi’s wife, blood was flowing from her husband’s nose and mouth as he was beaten unconscious.

After the attack, Kawasi’s wife dragged her unconscious husband to their home where they were forced to spend the night. Throughout the night, Kawasi remained unconscious and in need of medical attention.

The next day, November 17, Pastor Jugal Kashyap traveled to Katenar and rushed Kawasi to a hospital in Jagdalpur. Those attending Kawasi reported he was in critical condition. He was also unable to speak for several days following the assault.

Pastor Kashyap went to the local police station to report the attack. However, police refused to take the complaint and accused Pastor Kashyap of being reason for communal tensions in Katenar.

Across India, attacks on Christians and their places of worship have continued to be reported in greater number and severity. In Chhattisgarh, rallies by radical Hindu nationalist groups like the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have increased anti-Christian sentiments in recent months. Many Christians in Chhattisgarh fear that the recent spike in attacks will continue into the Christmas season and new year.

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